French for beginer Lesson 1


I am learning French in City University base on the beginner module. So I just keep some note for remember and share it to others who want to learn French.

The note will according to all the knowledge from the teacher on the class, and I will add some other resource in the note. Because the moduel is for Beginer French Learner, so I hope it can help some guys who want to learn French to cross the threhold.

leçon un, daux and trois (lesson 1,2,3)

Because I miss the first class, But I think have got the probable knowledge of the first class.

The number of French

0-10: zéro un/une deux trois quatre cinq six sept huit neuf dix 11-12: onze douze treize quatorze quinze seize dix-sept dix-huit dix-neuf vingt 30, 40…100: trente quarante cinquante soixante soixante-dix quatre-vingts quatre-vingt-dix cent 100, 1000, 10000: cent mille dix mille 100,100: cent mille 1,000,000: un million 71: soixant et onze 72: soixante-douze 81: quatre-vingt-un

There are many Audio and Flash resource for the French number, just visit the url and try many times to remember.

Note: I want to add some other note for the French number, it’s that whent the number is bigger than 70, the format is strange. Such as the 70:soixante-dix(60-10) 71:soixante-et-onze(60-11). Why it use this format to express the number? According to some material, and maybe it is base on Binary-Coded Decimal , so 70=(20+20+20+10)=(60+10). We can check the 80,81… base on this reason too. 80=(20+20+20+20)=4*20 so 80:quatre-vingts(4-20). 81: quatre-vingt-un(4-20-1). 90: quatre-vingt-dix(4-20-10). I hope this can make remember the number easier.

Key Pronoun

You should I you he she we you they ….

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